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Soñar En Grande. Dream Big.

It’s international women’s month and we are celebrating strong, resilient an,d courageous women who dared to dream big. I would like to begin by sharing a little bit about my story and why I started De Mi Tierra.

I was raised in Chicago by Mexican immigrant parents and I founded De Mi Tierra to honor them and our story. Influenced by my Mexican culture and upbringing, I wanted to take skincare back to basics, just like our abuelitas. I wanted to use only 100% natural earth-made ingredients that are found all over Latin America, especially Mexico. Growing up, my Abuelita always had a natural remedy for everything, and this holistic and natural approach to skincare and overall wellness came from her teachings. ⁠

I decided to revisit my grandmother's recipes when I became pregnant with my oldest daughter who is now almost 11 years old. Using natural ingredients like, sabila (aloe vera), miel (honey), manzanilla (chamomile) etc., had a dual effect…they were best for my body AND they allowed me to reconnect to nature and to my heritage.

After working in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years, I realized two things. One, that there was a real need for natural and safe skincare, and two, that NOBODY was speaking to the Latina consumer with products that speak to our ancestral remedies, with ingredients that are influenced by our roots and our culture. That is why I created De Mi Tierra. Our abuelitas always had a natural remedy for everything, and De Mi Tierra is a tribute to traditional Mexican skincare rituals.

I am on a mission to change the industry and offer YOU truly clean and safe skincare.

We are here to celebrate the beauty that Latin-American ingredients have to offer. We are here to celebrate YOU and your story.

​I decided to take a chance on myself and dream big, and I hope that my story inspires you too. Gracias for being here and joining me on this journey!



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