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Essential oil roller blends are a fantastic and convenient way to incorporate the many benefits of essential oils into your daily living!


This special blend was designed to relieve occasional head tension and discomfort.   Our Headache Release essential oil roller blend is made with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that have the ability to help ease tension headaches. This cooling, soothing and refreshing blend is a natural alternative for headache relief.  


  • Contains Peppermint essential oil that helps stimulate blood flow

  • Can be applied on sinus areas for seasonal allergy relief

  • Contains essential oils that can also provide relief from mosquito and bug bites


To use: Apply as often as needed to forehead, pulse points, behind ears, back of neck (hairline), neck pulse points, and upper back. Can also be applied to bottoms of feet, specifically the big toe. Inhale as needed. Use as needed when headaches are present. Keep away from eyes! Contain Peppermint essential oil which can irritate the eyes.


The Headache Release essential oil roller blend has been safely diluted for ages 12 and over.  Not recommended for children under 12.  Please contact us for a custom roller blend for children under 12.

Headache Release Roller Blend

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil and Certified Pure Therapeutic grade essential oil blend of Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender.