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Cheers to new beginnings.

On November 1st, 2018 we opened our first retail location, a kiosk at Chicago Ridge Mall. We were thrilled about the opportunity to have a physical location where you can personally chat with us about our natural products, your skincare concerns, natural ingredients, our mission and so.much.more! 💕 We have met so many wonderful people during our time at the mall and we can't THANK YOU enough for helping make our dreams come true. ✨🙏🏼✨

Like many small businesses, we started this entrepreneurial journey in hopes of growing it into something bigger than ourselves. Our hopes and our dreams were always to grow beyond our kitchen studio, beyond our kiosk at the mall. Our goal is to employ many more people and to help grow our local economy. Our goal is to continue to service our Latinx community by offering truly clean and holistic skincare products through education and personal empowerment. Our goal is to prove that with a lot of hard work, grit and dedication your dreams can come true. ✨

As a small business owner, we sometimes have to make decisions that will allow you to grow. Life truly begins outside of your comfort zone. Having the courage to make uncomfortable decisions allows for the growth to happen. After careful consideration, we have decided NOT to renew our lease at Chicago Ridge Mall. 🌿 This means that our last day at the mall will be on March 31, 2020. This is exactly 4 weeks from today! Although we truly enjoyed our time here, we have outgrown our kiosk and need additional space to continue to grow! We are now working on opening a NEW location, where we will not only retail our products, but we will also offer personal skincare services, host our workshops/classes and SO MUCH MORE! We are truly excited about the next chapter in our lives! 🎉🙏🏼

Although we currently do not have our ideal location YET (we have been looking for months) we hope to find it this year! In the meantime, we are asking that you continue to support us online, via our workshops and at the amazing vendor shows that we get to be a part of. As a THANK YOU for joining us on this amazing journey, we are offering you FREE SHIPPING on all of your orders that your place online this year! This will allow us to continue to serve you online and grow our business. Email subscribers will receive the exclusive coupon code to use for free shipping. Not subscribed? Be sure to hit that subscribe button now to get the code.

MIL GRACIAS POR TODO SU APOYO! We hope that you continue to follow us on our journey! We can't wait for what's to come! 🌿💕✨

Con mucho carino,

Evelia, Sandra, Lorena and the DMT team! 💕💕💕

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Change is hard, but inevitable. When one door closes another opens; good luck finding your new location. Looking forward to visiting it (frequently) and continuing to support a small Latinx business that has awesome products that I can be confident are good for me and my environment. ❤️

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