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Helping our small business during times of uncertainty.

🌿 Hola Familia, this is Evelia. Like many of you, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, and yes maybe a little worrying. Worrying about tomorrow, worrying about the unknown. I am there too. ⁠

However, yesterday was a little different.✨ Yesterday, it rained all day in here Chicago, and these beautiful gloomy days allow me to take some time to slow down, appreciate the good and be grateful for the now because after all, that’s all we truly have. My daughters were constantly laughing and playing, the hubby was working from home (we are lucky he has a career that allows for social distancing), and I was in the kitchen making some traditional Mexican cuisine accompanied by a large batch of agua de Jamaica. 🌺 I processed several of your orders (confirmation emails going out soon!), I did yoga with my daughters, and I felt the constant kicks/flutters of the tiny life growing inside of me. 💕🤰🏻It was a reminder that God is great and he is abundant. 🙏🏼 My family is safe, we have a warm place to call home, and I have a job that allows me to create beautiful natural products with my family by my side. We are making the best of the situation that is in front of us. ⁠

De Mi Tierra is so eternally grateful to have you, our customers, by our side to help us realize our mission and our dream. 🙏🏼 However, amid uncertainty, we are doing our best to navigate this ever-changing coronavirus situation. Now more than ever, small businesses like ours NEED your support and help. We depend on our business to sustain our employees and our families. When you purchase from us or any small business, you are helping put food on the table, provide a roof over our heads and create a simple yet gratifying lifestyle. ⁠

🌱Small businesses like ours, depend on public workshops, public vendor events, public pop-ups, public classes and more to sustain our business. Like many small businesses, we’ve had to cancel several of our planned events for this year, due to the safety of our staff, customers and ourselves. This impacts our business tremendously and we need your help and support now more than ever. ⁠

📢As a gracias for your support, we are doing a MONTHLY giveaway! 🎉We are asking for your help in spreading the love for De Mi Tierra. On the 1st of every month, one lucky winner will receive a $100 credit to use towards De Mi Tierra products! 🎉⁠

👇🏼Heres how to support us for your chance to win. 👇🏼⁠

🌿Share a picture, share a story or share a review of your favorite DMT product on Facebook or Instagram. This can be a post or a story! ⁠

🌿Tag @DeMiTierra and use the hashtag #DeMiTierraLove (This is how we can track every entry! If your account is private we can’t see it. Please send us a screenshot of your post, and we will add you to the giveaway). ⁠

Remember, we are always open online 24/7. FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders now through April. No promo code needed. ⁠

⁠Ultimately, we must keep living, breathing, smiling, expressing gratitude, enjoying the simplicity of our surroundings and move forward- just in a slightly new reality. We are all in this together. 🌎⁠



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