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Why You Should Switch to A Natural Deodorant

Have you ever considered making the switch to a natural deodorant?

When we take a closer look at the products that we consume, both internally and externally, we will realize that we are surrounded by toxins and chemicals. How?

Through pollution, processed foods, cleaning products, and personal care products.

The last one although seemingly insignificant is actually one that we must notice. How many personal care products do you apply every day? According to, the average woman uses at least 12 different personal care products every day - shampoo, conditioners, cleansers, lotions, skincare products, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, and makeup to name a few. Take a quick look at the ingredient list and you’ll often find a large list of ingredients with names that you don’t recognize and cant’ pronounce. These 12 products, quickly become an average total of about 168 chemical ingredients. (Source

One of the largest offenders of personal care products is deodorants.

We don't realize it, but our armpits have pores in which the ingredients in our deodorants can enter our bodies. We often don’t realize how a simple swipe, can cause havoc to our health. These often toxic chemicals enter our bodies and our bloodstream, disrupting our endocrine system. Now more than ever, It is important to be aware of the ingredients in all of our skincare products, especially our deodorants because we use them every day!

Here are the top 7 ingredients to look out for and avoid:

  • Aluminum – Linked to Alzheimer’s disease and heavy metal toxicity (study linked)

  • Parabens – Endocrine/hormone disruptors, found in 99% of breast cancer tissue sampled in this study

  • Propylene glycol – Classified as a skin irritant by the EWG

  • Phthalates – Endocrine disruptors linked to permanent birth defects

  • Triclosan – Linked to liver toxicity and thyroid dysfunction

  • Formaldehyde contaminated synthetics – carcinogenic

  • Fragrance – Cocktail of chemicals creating skin sensitivities and irritations

We like to think that the benefit of switching to a natural deodorant outweighs the risk of staying dry all day long. How about you?

Our deodorant cream was one of the first products that we ever made. After learning about the toxic ingredients found in traditional antiperspirants, we were on a mission to make a more natural and safe alternative. Aluminum is a metal that is found in ALL antiperspirants, and it is meant to purposefully clog our pores and prevent us from sweating. Unfortunately, this metal makes it into our bodies and disrupts our endocrine system as it builds the levels of metal toxicity in our bodies.

Sweat is a beautiful bodily function that allows our bodies to cool down and maintain proper body temperature. Sweat also helps to rid the body of toxic buildup. However, antiperspirants contain aluminum (sometimes up to 25%!) and they block that cleansing, detoxifying function completely. If this aluminum is clogging our pores, and we apply this every day...where does the aluminum go once inside our bodies?

Thankfully, the solution is a simple one.

Our deodorants are not antiperspirants, so they do NOT contain any aluminum, parabens, preservatives, or synthetic man-made ingredients. Only 100% natural ingredients like coconut oil, Shea Butter & arrowroot (yuca) powder are used. They work at keeping body odor away while helping to keep you dry under normal circumstances. Our bodies are meant to sweat unfortunately we have been conditioned to think otherwise by big-box manufacturers.

Our list below looks a lot different than the one above.

  • Organic beeswax

  • Organic arrowroot powder

  • Baking soda

  • Magnesium

  • Kaolin Clay

  • Organic + fair trade extra virgin coconut oil

  • Organic essential oils (lavender, sage, lime, lemongrass, lemon, tea tree)

Ingredients like these allow the skin to breathe and function as it should. Nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory + anti-microbial properties help to improve the health of skin, leaving pits smooth and protected. Are you ready to make the switch? Be sure to watch our video here where we explain what you can expect when you make the switch to a natural deodorant for the first time.


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