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5 Tips to Refresh Your Skincare Routine for Spring

Spring skincare routine

As the seasons change and nature comes alive with the vibrant energy of spring, it's the perfect time to give your skincare routine a refreshing makeover. Just as we shed our winter layers, our skin craves a transition to lighter, brighter products that cater to its evolving needs. Here are five tips to help you revitalize your skincare routine for the new season:

1. Lighten Up Your Moisturizer With Brightening Serums:

Lighten up your skincare routine by swapping heavy moisturizers for lighter formulas infused with hydrating natural plant-based ingredients like pomegranate seed oil and jojoba oil.  Combat dullness and uneven skin tone with brightening serums containing vitamin C, or carrot seed oil. Apply these serums after cleansing and before moisturizing for a luminous complexion. All of these benefits can be found in our which provides ample hydration without feeling heavy. 

2.  Exfoliate & Decongest Regularly With A Clay Facial Mask: 

Say goodbye to dry, flaky winter skin by incorporating regular exfoliation into your routine with mineral-rich clays made with ingredients found in nature. Choose a gentle exfoliant suited to your skin type—whether it's a clay mask with AHAs or fruit enzymes like guava or a physical scrub with fine particles. Exfoliating with a clay mask, 2 times a week helps to slough away dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote a smoother, more radiant complexion, allowing your serums and moisturizers to better penetrate the skin.  Our favorite for the spring is our Petalos De Guava Clay mask. 

3. Embrace Oil Cleansing:

Transition to oil cleansers for a gentle yet effective way to remove makeup, sunscreen, and impurities while maintaining your skin's natural moisture barrier. Choose oil cleansers formulated with nourishing oils like jojoba, grapeseed, or avocado oil. Massage the oil onto dry skin to dissolve impurities, then emulsify with water and rinse clean for a soft, supple complexion. We love using our Balance Cleansing Oil. 

4. Hydrate with Facial Mist:

Elevate your skincare routine with a refreshing facial mist infused with hydrating and soothing ingredients like lavender water, aloe vera, and chamomile floral waters. Spritz your face throughout the day to replenish moisture, revive tired skin, and boost overall radiance. Keep a travel-sized mist in your bag for on-the-go hydration whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up. We may be launching one this spring so be on the lookout! We recommend using our Refresh Facial Mist. 

5. Hydrate from Within:

In addition to topical skincare, don't forget to hydrate your skin from within by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Hydration is key to maintaining skin elasticity, suppleness, and overall health. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water daily, and consider incorporating hydrating foods like cucumbers, watermelon, and leafy greens into your diet for an extra boost. We love making homemade agua frescas de jamaica, limon y chia, and of course horchata!

With these five simple tips, you can refresh your skincare routine and transition seamlessly into the new season. Embrace the beauty of spring with a glowing complexion that reflects the vibrancy of the world around you. Here's to healthy, radiant skin all season long!